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This week I took part in the Bright Club Glasgow and Edinburgh shows. My chosen subject was the history of law firm, Dundas & Wilson. It seemed apropriate as, on 1 May, after 255 years as the number one firm in Scotland, Dundas & Wilson merged with a global firm and lost it’s distinct Scottish […]

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If you don’t know what I mean when I say ‘beer goggles’ then, please, look away now, drink 10 pints of lager and  then look at me again. OMG! I look just like Brad Pitt!!! That’s the beer goggle effect for you. The more you drink the hotter other people become. If you fancy an […]

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Former Defence Secretary, George Robertson, predicted this week that Scottish independence would be “cataclysmic” for the world. Many people, quite rightly, said that George Robertson’s comment was bonkers. A ‘YES’ vote will not lead to the end of the world. Life will go on. Rangers will still lose any game that matters. The world will […]

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On Friday 4 April 2014 I was asked to appear on Channel 4 News as I was supporting Eddie Izzard later that night at a gig supporting Better Together. The interview is recorded Friday afternoon. It’s broadcast on Friday evening. You can watch the interview below:       And then Twitter reacts. Some people […]

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Six weeks ago I received an email out of the blue. It was to my personal email account. It said: “Hi Andrew, I have an exciting opportunity for you, can you please give me a call?” I didn’t recognise the sender. Assumed it was just another Nigerian bank scam. But, when I checked the sender, […]

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  Scotland doesn’t want to be ruled by London. London wants the UK to stay together. I have a solution that keeps both sides happy – c’mon everybody, let’s conquer England!   Think about it: if we conquer England we have all the benefits of independence AND London has all the benefits of a strong […]

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BREAKING NEWS: ANDREW TODD COULD QUIT SCOTLAND IF VOTERS BACK INDEPENDENCE In a statement Andrew Todd said: “I have been based in Scotland for 36 years and I am very proud of our heritage. Scotland has been a good place from which to run my life and to compete around the world. “I very much […]

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The Scottish Government’s white paper, ‘Scotland’s Future’, sets out Alex Salmond’s vision for an independent Scotland. It’s unashamedly positive. A vision of a prosperous and successful Scotland. But, with almost one million Scots living in England, what will happen to them if Scotland became independent? The answer is simple. Every Scot living in England will […]