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Hello, my name is Andrew Todd, and I’m scared of flying. Some people say that I’m not scared of flying – I’m scared of falling, screaming and splatting from great heights. That’s true, to a point. I’m not scared of flying. I’m scared of going to the toilet. If there’s anything unnatural about flying it’s the airplane […]

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This week I took part in the Bright Club Glasgow and Edinburgh shows. My chosen subject was the history of law firm, Dundas & Wilson. It seemed apropriate as, on 1 May, after 255 years as the number one firm in Scotland, Dundas & Wilson merged with a global firm and lost it’s distinct Scottish […]

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If you don’t know what I mean when I say ‘beer goggles’ then, please, look away now, drink 10 pints of lager and  then look at me again. OMG! I look just like Brad Pitt!!! That’s the beer goggle effect for you. The more you drink the hotter other people become. If you fancy an […]

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Former Defence Secretary, George Robertson, predicted this week that Scottish independence would be “cataclysmic” for the world. Many people, quite rightly, said that George Robertson’s comment was bonkers. A ‘YES’ vote will not lead to the end of the world. Life will go on. Rangers will still lose any game that matters. The world will […]

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On Friday 4 April 2014 I was asked to appear on Channel 4 News as I was supporting Eddie Izzard later that night at a gig supporting Better Together. The interview is recorded Friday afternoon. It’s broadcast on Friday evening. You can watch the interview below:       And then Twitter reacts. Some people […]

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Six weeks ago I received an email out of the blue. It was to my personal email account. It said: “Hi Andrew, I have an exciting opportunity for you, can you please give me a call?” I didn’t recognise the sender. Assumed it was just another Nigerian bank scam. But, when I checked the sender, […]

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  Scotland doesn’t want to be ruled by London. London wants the UK to stay together. I have a solution that keeps both sides happy – c’mon everybody, let’s conquer England!   Think about it: if we conquer England we have all the benefits of independence AND London has all the benefits of a strong […]

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BREAKING NEWS: ANDREW TODD COULD QUIT SCOTLAND IF VOTERS BACK INDEPENDENCE In a statement Andrew Todd said: “I have been based in Scotland for 36 years and I am very proud of our heritage. Scotland has been a good place from which to run my life and to compete around the world. “I very much […]