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My made-up life: tall tales and short stories
About Andy


Andy Todd was born and raised in Stornoway in the Western Isles of Scotland. When he was 10, he asked his father how streetlights worked.

It’s easy, said his Dad, everyday, when it gets dark, a man in the council switches them on.

When Andrew was 18, he left the island and visited the mainland for the very first time. That night, he phoned home. Does the man in the council switch on all the lights on the mainland too, he asked suspiciously.

Don’t be daft, said his father, he retired last year.


Andy Todd is a comedian based in Glasgow. In 2014, he supported Eddie Izzard in ‘Please Don’t Go’, Izzard’s show about Scottish independence and worked with BBC Radio Scotland as a weekly guest on Referendum Tonight. He has also appeared on Sky News, Channel 4 News and been interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Andy is the co-author of ‘The Fat Minister’s Question Time‘ – the first satirical book to poke fun at the Scottish independence referendum.

Andy is a board member of Bright Club Glasgow, the comedy night that encourages academics to perform stand-up about their research. Bright Club performs six shows a year at The Stand, Glasgow.


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“The spikiest moments of the night came from deadpan Stornoway comic Andy Todd,” including “the biggest laugh”. – Sunday Herald April 2014 review of Eddie Izzard’s Please Don’t Go – Review

Andrew Todd…  expertly unravelling a very smart and very well paced set, pushing it into sheer, hilarious badness at the end.” Glasgow PodCart,  October 2013 – Review

“Inspired ideas… a highly entertaining show” – The Skinny, March 2011 – Review of The Collective sketch group