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SCFC: Tell Alex I Love Him
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The Olympics are over. And there can’t be a single person in the country who hasn’t loved every minute of the last two weeks, well, everyone except Kim Gavin.

Kim was the mastermind behind the Olympic closing ceremony. And, for the last two weeks, after witnessing Danny Boyle’s wonderous opening ceremony, he must have been bricking it.

Danny Boyle had the Queen! Skydiving! With James Bond! Kim had Ginger Spice struggling to fit into a corset. He must have been dreading every minute of the Games knowing that his shame was about to come out. Kim must have been feeling like Oasis immediately before ‘Be Here Now’ hit the shops. Or Ally McCoist before unveiling Ian Black as Rangers ‘big name’ signing.

The Closing Ceremony was not a success, but then again, it never is. Once the medals are won, the anthems sung, the dreams realised and dashed, the Closing Ceremony is an afterthought. It’s the national equivalent of cooking breakfast for a one night stand you know you will never see again. You’ve got to do it, but you really wish they would just bog off and leave you in peace.

Goodbye London 2012, you will be missed! Please close the door on your way out! I’ll call you!

But, Jukebox Jurors don’t despair, because tonight we go back out on the pull! And this time, we’re going to East Stirling.

This week Rangers, the most successful club in the world, play East Stirling, one of the worst. But one thing unites them, beyond their position on either end of the success spectrum. Sir Alex Ferguson.

Sir Alex was a Rangers fan and player and East Stirling was Sir Alex’s first managerial post. A position he held for only a few short months before joining St Mirren then Aberdeen then the rest is history.

So, this week’s Jukebox Durie is in honour of this week’s game between first and worst and the legend that is Sir Alex: Scottish Comedy FC

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