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SCFC: The Mo Farah Song
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Do you want to talk about Brechin? How about Annan Athletic? No?

Not even East Stirlingshire?

Well, what do you want to talk about?

Oh, I know, GOLD!!!!!!!

Last week, I promised Jukebox Durie would review the musical output of Rangers Division 3 opponents but… how can we talk about anything other than the Olympics? Or, as I now call it, the Return Of The
British Empire!

As Super Saturday became Super-Freaking-Awesome-Saturday; as the Opening Ceremony saw the Queen skydive from a helicopter with James Bond (in your face, Beijing and your big drums! This is how we roll!);
and we all thanked the Lord that the Olympics meant the end of that bog-awful torch relay, it’s time to commemorate our Olympic heroes in the only way Jukebox Durie know how: by song.

So, Mo, our fantastic 10K champion, this one’s for you. And, you know what, it’s pretty darn good, with a real funky backbeat!

The Mo Farah song: Scottish Comedy FC

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