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SCFC: Slaven away
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Latest Scottish Comedy FC article:

I’ve always had a soft spot for Croatian manager Slaven Bilic, who departed the Euro’s on Monday night after losing to Spain.

He’s one of those men who, no mattter what they do, look like they’ve just woken up from a three day bender married to a stripper and with a tiger in the toilet. Real men. Men like Sean Bean. Men you wouldn’t want to stand beside at the urinal because you know you would get stage fright. The kind of man you really want to be.

So, it should come as no surprise that not only is Slaven Bilic football’s coolest manager he also plays guitar in a hard drinking, hard smoking, hard rocking Croatian rock band. And, in 2008, his band Rawbau recorded Croatia’s official Euro 2008 song ‘Vatreno Ludilo’ – that’s Fiery Madness for those of us who don’t know Croat.

But, if all this talk of real men is making you feel inadequate, don’t worry, you too can be just like Slaven!

This week we’ve not just got the video for the song we’ve found the chords and lyrics for you to play along at home. And, in a first for the Scottish Comedy FC, if you send us a video, I will give the best cover £20 and the latest issue of Shoot*. Honestly, I will! And it won’t be loose change or an I.O.U, it’ll be a crispy new £20 note and I promise I won’t even have flicked through the pages of Shoot.

(*Assuming Shoot is still going, I’ve not checked, we reserve the right to substitute this for an issue of Women’s Weekly or the Peoples Friend)

So, if you think your tough enough, send us a link and this time next week you could walk away with untold riches!

Lyrics & Chords

Link to video: Scottish Comedy FC

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