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SCFC: The Birdie Song
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It is known by many names: in Brazil they call it ‘Baile dos Passarinhos’; in Norway it is the ‘Fugledansen’; in France ‘La danse des canards’; while in the UK, it it simply known as… the Birdie Song.

For this week’s Jukebox Euro Durie, we bring you a cover by none other than the Netherlands squad. It appears those crazy Dutch players recorded a new version of the song for a supermarket TV advert. I can only hope they received a million clubcard points each to take part.
Interestingly, the Birdie Song is not the song’s only name. The song has also been called the Duck Song (Swiss) and the Chicken Song (Germany). In the Netherlands it must be the Robin Song – or Robben Song depending if you are a ornithological fan of Van Persie or Arjen.
The new version is, of course, dreadful. Not just for the singing but also the acting from the Dutch players, they don’t even stand still convincingly. It’s so bad many consider this the worst advert to appear on Dutch telly since Steve McLaren promoted Dutch language tapes. Total football? No, total mince.
If you want to judge for yourself then check out the link below: Scottish Comedy FC


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